15 minutes to reconnect

Yoga for any body

Hello subscribers! I am so excited for a few desert adventures I want to present to you, but as you know my other passion besides hiking is yoga. I incorporate yoga into all my adventure retreats, because I believe the breath and movement are so important. When I first moved to Colorado from Alabama, one of my biggest struggles was the altitude. Whenever I would try to hike long distances at higher elevations, I would have a hard time catching my breath. Once I began a consistent yoga practice, I learned how to regulate my breathing and make that mind/body connection.

One of the worst things you can do when you start to become stressed on a hike is panic. Panic leads to bad decisions that are fear based. When you calm the mind, you calm the breath and therefor calm the body.

I wanted to share this quick yoga practice with you that can be enjoyed anywhere. If you can’t get outside today and take a walk then I hope you can enjoy moving your body through this practice. Even if you only hang out in Childs pose the whole time and listen to the breathing cues…that will be enough!

I hope you enjoy this and stay tuned for my next newsletter on my hiking recommendations in Utah for desert season!

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